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About Avis CSR

For more than a decade we have been doing our bit for the environment by measuring and taking action against our CO2 emissions. We have actively reduced our emissions and worked with partners to minimise our impact on the environment.

We also want to help you to reduce the impact of your journey on the climate.

When it comes to the environment, as in every area of our business, We Try Harder.

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Latest Projects

Switzerland Lead The Way With Methane Project

Over half of China’s energy is derived from coal. As a result, approximately 10.6 billion metres³ of polluting methane (CMM) is released annually.

Yugur Run-of-River Hydro Project

Run-of-river hydro projects use considerably less water storage compared to other hydroelectric power facilities or none at all.

Methane Capture Project

In Germany, methane from animal waste is being captured to make greener power. Even the left-over waste has a purpose, as a fertiliser!
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Media Highlights

How much can energy efficiency help cut emissions?

We all know we should be energy efficient, but how much do our efforts affect our emissions?

What is the role of CSR?

Rebecca Fay talks about the role of CSR in business 

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