Since 2002, we have contributed towards planting more than 200 hectares of new woodland in nine locations in the UK and Europe.

Forestry Projects – planting trees for future generations

Forestry Projects – planting trees for future generations

In partnership with CarbonNeutral® these forestry projects include creating a new native woodland in the heart of Snowdonia in Wales, and an eco-park at an old missile base in Germany.




Mynydd-Y-Garnedd in Snowdonia is being grown from a combination of natural regeneration and new planting. Birch, Sessile Oak, Rowan, Willow and Hawthorn have been planted from local seeds. The Birch has grown quickly and prepared the soil for the other species, helping them to catch-up. Wet heaths and rock at the site have been left unplanted and the different environments in the woodland, from rocks to trees, create a great diverse environment for local wildlife to flourish.




This reforestation project has seen a former missile base between Dresden and Leipzig, transformed into an eco-park. Sessile Oak, Lime and Hornbeam trees have been planted which are maturing into an area of natural beauty. A 19 square kilometre lake was created which aims to be the largest in Germany and took six years to fill! A bunker on the missile base is also now a home for bats. As part of the overall eco-park scheme, caring and maintaining the forest has also created local jobs.


The project will offset almost 30,000 tonnes of CO2 over 100 years.